Eye Bank

Eye Bank

S.G.M. Eye Bank (Sri Gurumahipatiraj Eye Bank) was established in 1979 in the premises of M.M. Joshi eye institute to propagate the Awareness about Eye Donation and to restore vision in Carnally Blind persons.

S.G.M. Eye Bank is the most active Eye Bank in North Karnataka and is the only Eye Bank registered under Eye Banking statutory regulations. It is also a member of Eye Bank Association of India.

S.G.M Eye Bank has public awareness programs such, Awareness lectures to clubs, voluntary organizations, Schools, other teaching institutions and other service organizations, Posters display, Distribution of Brochures and Pamphlets. A series of slides are projected and explained to the members of the village peoples.

S.G.M. Eye Bank has necessary arrangements to collect the eyes so donated. These eyes will be assessed & preserved by the S.G.M. Eye Bank, later the corneal tissue will be transplanted into the eyes of a person blinded by a corneal disease.

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S. G. M. Eye Bank and Research Foundation Trust, Gokul Road, Hosur, Hubballi – 580021, Karnataka, India.
Tel: 91 (836) 2228431,2228432, 2228433.
Fax: 91 (836) 2375933.
Toll Free: 1800-425-1053
For BSNL and MTNL Users (1053)
E-mail: sgmeyebankhubli@gmail.com
Mob: 8123699996 / 97
website: http://www.sgmeyebanktrust.com

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