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Frequently Ask Questions

At M.M.JOSHI EYE INSTITUTE, We know how important it is for you to feel comfortable about your surgery. If you have a question we haven’t answered, Please call us at (+ 91) 836 2228431, 32, 33. A member of our medical staff will gladly help you.
  • Q1. Must someone accompany me on the day of surgery?
    Ans: It’s not absolutely necessary, but advisable. Our staff is more than happy to assist patients who are alone.
  • Q2. How long does the testing take for my surgery?
  • Q3. What should I bring with me the day of surgery?
  • Q4. I take a blood thinner and several other prescription medications. Should I continue this before surgery?
  • Q5. I am a contact lens wearer. Can I wear my contacts until the day of surgery?
  • Q6. May I eat before surgery?
  • Q7. I’m on oxygen. Should I bring it along?
  • Q8. I live a long distance from M.M.JOSHI EYE INSTITUTE. How long must I stay for follow up?
  • Q9. Will I feel anything during surgery?
  • Q10. What do I see during surgery?
  • Q11. Would a cough prevent me from having surgery?
  • Q12. May I have medication for my nerves?
  • Q13. Will I need to have blood drawn before the surgery?
  • Q14. I was told that I need to take antibiotics before any dental work. Is this true for eye surgery also?
  • Q15. How soon may I leave after surgery?
  • Q16. I know I need surgery for my both eyes. When can I get my second eye operated?
  • Q17. What will be my vision right after the operation?
  • Q18. What happens before I’m discharged?
  • Q19. My back keeps me from lying flat. What position must I be in for the surgery?
  • Q20. Does every patient need an implant?
  • Q21. May I drive myself home?
  • Q22. Sometimes my blood pressure gets high when I’m nervous. What happens if it’s too high?
  • Q23. Do I need a physical before surgery?
  • Q24. Did I receive a lens implant?
  • Q25. What is my implant made of?
  • Q26. How long will my implant last?
  • Q27. Can my eye reject the lens implant?
  • Q28. Was laser used to remove my cataract?
  • Q30. Should I wear my old glasses after surgery?
  • Q31. I see great at a distance, but why can’t I read without glasses?
  • Q32. Is it safe to resume activities I enjoy such as golf and reading?
  • Q33. How soon may I resume driving after surgery?
  • Q34. Is it safe to fly after cataract surgery?
  • Q35. When may I wear make-up again?
  • Q36. Is it safe to have my hair done or get a permanent?
  • Q37. Why does it feel like there is something in my eye after my surgery?
  • Q38. The eye drops, given to me to use after surgery, sting my eye. Is this normal?
  • Q39. After surgery, I noticed a spot of blood on the white of my eye, should I be concerned?
  • Q40. On the way home from surgery I saw huge halos around all the lights. What causes this?
  • Q41. My glare problem has improved dramatically since the surgery, but I still occasionally notice halos or streaks on lights at night. What causes this?
  • Q42. Since my surgery a few weeks ago, everything has a pink tint. What causes this?
  • Q43. Why does everything have a blue tint since surgery?
  • Q44. I can’t read without glasses. Should I be able to?

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions..

We’re always available for our Patients with emergent problems. You can easily reach us 24/7.

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