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M.M.Joshi 3D-Live 2.0

Saturday Day 1, 21st September

09.00 am Session I Phaco Basics 3Dlive surgery
09.30 am Session II Cataract & Retina live surgeries (3D & 2D)
09.30 am Phaco live surgery (2D) Hard Cataract
09.45 am Retina live surgery (3D) Retinal detachment
10.15 am Phaco live surgery (2D) Soft Cataract
10.30 am Phaco live surgery (3D) Small Pupil
10.45 am Keynote address Rings & Hooks in Cataract Surgery
11.00 am Retina live surgery (3D) Diabetic TRD
Session III Ophthalmic Surgery Different Strokes
11.30 am Keynote address Challenging situations in Cataract Surgery
11.45 am Phaco live surgery (3D) FLACS with arcuate incisions
12.00 Noon Phaco in Complicated cases ‘Think outside the box’
12:15 pm SMILE Techniques Smiling all the way
12.25 pm Torn Rhexis : Prevention and Management Strategies
12.35 pm Session IV M. M. Joshi Oration Award
Giving back to the Society When “I’ becomes ‘Eye’
01:15 pm Inauguration
01:30 pm Lunch break
02:15 pm Session V Surgical Retina
1. IOL Options in the event of a PCR
2. Video bouquet of macular surgeries
3. Aiming for zero endophthalmitis
4. Retina 3D live surgery
5. Diabetic Macular edema Mx
6. Key Note Address:ILM PLAY
03.30 pm Session VI Cataract Cauldron
* Keynote address Digital Marketing for ophthalmic practice
* Use of Snare in MSICS
* Hard times in cataract surgery
* 3D Phaco live surgeries
* Combined Cataract &Vitreoretinal Surgeries
* 2D Phaco live surgery
* Femto, Zepto& Me too rhexis
* RAPID non fragmentation techniques in Soft Cataracts
* IOL implantations mishaps
* iOCT guided DALK and DMEK
04:45 pm Tea break
05:00pm to 06.15 pm 3D Surgical Panaroma Part I
(Pole to Pole 3D Surgeries encompassing all the surgical procedures in ophthalmology)
07.30 pm Onwards ‘Saturday Night Fever’
Fellowship dinner with Music, Masti& Entertainment. (Pool Side)

SundayDay 2: 22nd September

08.30 am Session I ‘Surgical Potpourri’
3D & 2D live surgeries of Phaco, Squint surgeries, Trabeculectomy, AVG implant, intravitreal injection, Phakic IOL and lamellar corneal surgeries.
Keynote Address Achieving Accuracy and alignment in Toric IOLs
11.00 am Mixed bag Session (6 minutes each)
Keynote Address Joy of seeing the unseen
* Nuclear Scaffold technique in zonulopathy
* Techniques for SF IOL
* Basics of Horizontal Muscle surgery
* Management Strategies for traumatic Cataract
* Options galore in absent PC
* Pediatric Cataract
* ICL Indications and complications
* Surgical options of Presbyopia
12.00 Noon Oculoplasty 3D show
12.45 pm Rapid Fire Video SessionI (Each video of 100 seconds duration)
01.30 pm Lunch
02.15 pm Rapid Fire Video SessionII (Each video of 100 seconds duration)
03.15 pm 3D Surgical Panaroma Part II
(Pole to Pole 3D Surgeries encompassing all the surgical procedures in ophthalmology)
04.15 pm Panel Discussion on Crisis Management in Cataract Surgery
05.00 pm Valedictory & Farewell

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3D Live 2.0 - Conference on Surgical Optholmology

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