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Surgery Information

Surgery Information

In our Hospital nearly 60 eye surgeries are performed every day in the five air conditioned operation theatres, designed to observe the strict aseptic precautions. Horizontal autoclaves, ETO gas sterilizer & Rapid flash statim sterilizers are used for be sterilization procedures. Close circuit Television System is available to display the surgery for Relatives.

Come with someone (Family member, friend, relative) for your assistance accompany to you of surgery, anyhow it’s not absolutely necessary, but advisable. Our staff is more than happy to assist patients who are alone.

Consult your surgery date, time with Doctor, the time requirement for pre-surgical testing may vary greatly, but most patients should plan to be at M.M.JOSHI EYE INSTITUTE between 8-10 hours from the beginning of testing to your discharge.

Here is a list of things that we recommend you bring when coming to M.M.JOSHI EYE INSTITUTE for surgery:

  • Friend or family member (someone to help with paperwork, driving home, etc.)
  • Insurance details.
  • Current prescription glasses (even if not worn presently).
  • List of prescription medication including dosage and strength.
  • Medication – enough for the time you will be away from home.
  • Sweater or jacket (advised for those who chill easily).
  • Lunch or snack (Restaurant is available at 4th floor).
  • Reading material or busy work.
MMJ Surgery Information MMJ Surgery Information MMJ Surgery Information

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions..

We’re always available for our Patients with emergent problems. You can easily reach us 24/7.

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