Cornea Surgery

Cornea and Refractive Services in Hubli
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Cornea Surgery

Services Provided

  • Refractive Services – Treatment of all kinds of Refractive errors; evaluated by the most advanced topographers and performed by state of the art Femtosecond laser and precise Excimer lasers and Smart Pulse technology.
  • Cornea Clinic – Evaluation And Management Of Corneal Ulcers, Keratoconus, Ocular Trauma, Chemical Injuries, Surface Disorder ( Dry Eye And Others ), Ocular surface Squamous Neoplasia (OSSN- conjunctival & corneal surface tumors)
  • Contact Lens Clinic
    • For refractive errors
    • Advanced Contact Lenses ( Rose K & Scleral CL) For Keratoconus
    • Cosmetic Contact Lenses ( Coloured Contact Lenses)

Instruments Available for Cornea Surgery

  • Sirius Tomographer – State Of Art Tomography Machine which evaluates the corneal shape & also provides Aberrometry , Pupillography, Meibography ( Evaluation Of Meibomian Glands)
  • Tomey Specular Microscope – Advanced Auto Scan Machine For Evaluating Corneal Endothelium
  • Optovue Optical Coherence Tomographer – 2D And 3D Cross Section Of Anterior Segment And Retina
  • Haag Streit Slit Lamp Photographer – For Documentation Of Cornea, Ocular Surface, Lens & Iris Disorders
Refractive problems like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism are caused due to a change in the shape of the cornea.

MMJ Services - Cornea, Cataract, & Refractive Surgery

MMJ Services -Cornea, Cataract, & Refractive Surgery

Major OT Procedures for Cornea Treatment

  • Refractive Surgeries – Bladeless LASIK (FEMTO LASIK), Traditional (blade) LASIK, Trans PRK ( No Touch Advanced Surface Ablation), Phakic IOLS (ICL , IPCL) , Phototherapeutic Keratectomy
  • Corneal Transplantation – Full-thickness (PK) and Partial (lamellar) thickness( DALK, DSEK, DMEK)
  • Ocular Surface Reconstruction – Mucous Membrane grafting (MMG) , Amniotic Membrane Transplantation ( AMT), Simple Limbal Epithelial Transplant (SLET) , Symblepharon Treatment, OSSN excision and surface reconstruction
  • Corneo-scleral Tear Repairs
  • Pterygium Excision (auto Graft +/- Fibrin Glue)
  • Corneal Collagen Cross Linking ( C3R) For Keratoconus

Minor OT Procedures for Cornea Treatment

  • Management Of Complicated Corneal Ulcer – Glue BCL, Patch Grafts, Intrastromal And Intracameral Antibiotics.
  • Cosmetic Treatments Like Corneal Tattooing.
  • Management Of Corneal Degenerations By EDTA Chelation And Scrapping BCL.
  • Superficial Ocular Foreign Body Removal.

Cornea and Refractive Surgeons & Specialists

At MM Joshi Eye Institute, we have some of the best Cornea and Refractive surgeons in Karnataka who are highly experienced and take complete care of you and your loved ones.

Dr. K. V. Satyamurthy

Dr. K. V. Satyamurthy

Cornea Specialist
Dr. Aniket N Shastri

Dr. Aniket N Shastri

Cornea, Phaco & Refractive Surgery
Dr. Shilpa Maled

Dr. Shilpa Maled

Cornea Specialist
Dr. Renuka Rati Sultanpur

Dr. Renuka Rati Sultanpur

Cataract, Cornea
Dr. Abhishek Bawdekar

Dr. Abhishek Bawdekar

Cornea, Uveities & Ocular Immunology