Vitreo Retinal Services

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What is the Retina?

Vitreoretina department of MMJEI is one of the oldest in the state catering to the needs of the patients who are suffering from retinal pathology since the early 80s. This department is headed by Dr. A. S. Guruprasad the first vitreoretina specialist in the region. It is well equipped with state of the art, ultra modern high end equipments.

Diagnostic equipment’s such as fundus camera – to capture images of retina, Heidelberg Spectralis OCT machine – high resolution scanning machine for retina, B-Scan & UBM – ultrasound imaging of the eye, Fundus Fluorescein Angiography (FFA) and Indocyanine Green Chorioangiography (ICG) – to carefully study the retinal circulation and other pathologies, ERG – Electroretinography – to measure the electrical responses of various cell types in the retina.

Therapeutic / surgical equipments, such as Ngenuity 3D visualization system – Digitally assisted Vitreoretina surgery (DAVS), ZEISS Lumera 700 with integrated i–OCT, Micro pulse and multi spot laser, pascal laser.

This department has excellent coordination and adequate hands to decrease the waiting time of the patients

This department also conducts long term fellowship program in sub – speciality and has produced excellent and successful fellows under the leadership of Dr. A. S. Guruprasad & Dr. Shrinivas M. Joshi.

It has 6 post MS / DNB residents at any given time. The fellowship is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka.

MMJ Services - Retina

MMJ Services - Retina

MMJ Services - Retina

What are the symptoms of retinal disease?

  • Flashes of light.
  • Floaters.
  • Sudden or gradual decrease in vision.
  • Night Blindness.
  • Loss of field of vision.
  • Objects appearing distorted (Metamorphopsia).
MMJ Services - Vitreo Retina
MMJ Services - Vitreo Retina

Problems Associated with Retina

There are various pathologies affecting the retina most common ones are listed below:

 Age-Related Macular Degeneration –
The damage of Macula can cause AMD which can lead to permanent vision loss.

 Diabetic Retinopathy –
It is one of the most common eye issues associated with people having diabetes. High blood sugar levels cause damage to the blood vessels of the retina and damage it. In advanced stages, it can lead to blindness.

Hypertensive Retinopathy –
It is the retinal vascular damage caused by increased blood pressure.

Retinal Detachment –
It is mainly the detachment of the retina from the layer underneath. If it is not taken care of properly, there is a chance of permanent vision loss.

 Retinopathy Of Prematurity (RoP) –
RoP is mainly caused due to the retinal blood vessels develop abnormally and affects prematurely born babies. It can also lead to retinal detachment and blindness.

Best Retina Surgeons & Specialists

At MMJoshi Eye Institute, we have some of the best Retina surgeons in Karnataka who are highly experienced and take complete care of you and your loved ones.

Dr. Guruprasad S.Ayachit

Retina Specialist

Dr. Shrinivas Joshi

Retina Specialist

Dr. Apoorva Ayachit Nadkarni

vitreoretina services

Dr. Suresh Babu N

FVRS Consultant Vitreo-Retina