M.M.Joshi 3D-Live 2.0

Saturday Day 1, 21st September

09.00 am

Session I

Phaco Basics 3D live surgery Surgeons: Dr. R. Krishnaprasad & Dr. K. V. Satyamurthy(2D)
09.30 amSession IICataract & Retina live surgeries (3D & 2D)
Chair PersonsDr. Prabhugouda Patil., Dr Gaonkar
ModeratorsDr. Sameer Bagewadi., Dr. Shravan Pandit
09.30 amPhaco live surgery (3D)Hard Cataract – Dr. K. V. Satyamurthy
09.45 amRetina live surgery (3D)Dr.Apoorva Ayachit
10.15 amPhaco live surgery (2D)Soft Cataract – Dr. Naren Shetty
10.30 amPhaco live surgery (3D)Dr. Dhyan Chinnappa
10.45 amKeynote addressPhaco in Complicated cases ‘Think outside the box’Dr. RitikaSachdev
11.00 amRetina live surgery (3DDr. Shrinivas M. Joshi
Session IIICataract Surgery – Different Strokes
Chair PersonsDr. Aravind Tenagi, Dr. Shrinivas Deshpande,
ModeratorsDr. Ritika Sachdev, Dr. Anand Kanabur.
11.30 amTorn Rhexis: Prevention and Management Strategies – Dr.Tushya Om Prakash
11.40 amPhaco live surgery (3D) FLACS with arcuate incisions – Dr. R. Krishnaprasad
11.55 amFemto, Zepto, Me too Rhexis – Dr. K.V.Satyamurthy
12.05Keynote address: SMILE Techniques – Smiling all the way – Dr. Krishna Prasad kudlu.
12:15 pmIOL options in the event of a PCR – Dr.Sachin Mahuli
12.30 pmSession IVM. M. Joshi Oration Award
Oration by Dr. Kulin Kothari, Mumbai – “The Journey beyond“
01:00 pmInauguration
01:30 pmLunch break
02:15 pm to 03.30pmSession VSurgical Retina
Chair PersonsDr Shobhit Chawla, Dr. Rajashekhar Dyaberi, Dr. Girish Nadgir, Dr. Santosh Kurnawal
ModeratorsDr.Vivek Wani, Dr. Vijay Nagaraj
Retina 3D live surgeryDr. A. S. Guruprasad
Keynote Address:ILM PLAYDr Shobhit Chawla
Special Lecture:Artificial Intelligence in OphthalmologyDr. Sujatha Rathod
1. Video bouquet of macular surgeries 2. RaSS Scleral Tuck IOL – Glue – Less Suture – less self sustaining SF IOL 3. Case of rare retinal detachment due to capillary angioma – Dr. Parth Rana 4. Diabetic Macular Edema Management – Dr. Vivek Wani —– 8 minutes
03.30 pmSession VITips & Tricks in Ophthalmic Surgery
Chair PersonsDr Shankargouda Patil Dr. Sudhakar J D, Dr. Milind Galagali
ModeratorsDr.Sanjeev Kulakrni Dr. Channanagouda Patil.
Keynote address – Digital Marketing for ophthalmic practice – Dr. Ritika Sachdev * Combined Cataract & Vitreoretinal Surgeries – Dr. Shobhit Chawla. —– 10 minutes * RAPID non fragmentation techniques in Soft Cataracts – Dr. Tushya Om Prakash —– 8 minutes * Tell tale signs of Epithelium – Dr. Naren Shetty –—- 8 minutes * LASIK Complications – Dr. Arun Baweja —– 8 minutes
04:15 pmTea break
04.30 pm to 06.00 pm3D Surgical Panaroma Part I (Pole to Pole 3D Surgeries encompassing all the surgical procedures in ophthalmology)
Chair PersonsDr. Savitha Kanakpur, Dr. Laxman Dasar, Dr. Parth Rana
ModeratorsDr. Arun Baweja, Dr. Vishwanath Reddy
07.00 pm Onwards‘Saturday Night Fever’ Fellowship dinner with Music, Masti& Entertainment. (Pool Side)

Sunday – Day 2: 22nd September

08.30 amSession I ‘Surgical Potpourri’
Chair PersonsDr. Arun Samprathi, Dr. Shilpa Kodakany, Dr. Krishnaprasad Kudlu
ModeratorsDr Shobhit Chawla, Dr. Chaitra Jayadev
Keynote Address3D Surgical Kaleidoscope – Dr. Prashanth Bawankule
3D & 2D live surgeries of Phaco, Squint surgeries, Trabeculectomy, AVG implant, intravitreal injection, Phakic IOL and lamellar corneal surgeries. (Surgeons: Dr. Ravi Krishna Kanaradi, Dr. Suvira Jain, Dr. Deepti Joshi, Dr. R. Krishnaprasad, Dr. Vinay Sultanpur, Dr. Shilpa Maled, Dr. Suresh Babu N, Dr. Aniket Shastri)
11.00 amMixed bag Session (6 minutes each)
Chair PersonsDr. Ravindra Banakar, Dr. Pavan G. Dr. Hanumantappa A.,
ModeratorsDr. H. M. Ravindranath, Dr. Elankumaran, Dr. Manjunath B H
Keynote AddressJoy of seeing the unseen – Dr. Rohit Shetty —– 8 minutes
* iOCT guided DALK and DMEK – Dr. Namrata Sharma * Techniques for SF IOL – Dr. Chaitra Jayadev * 6 minutes DCR – Dr. H. M. Ravindranath * Options galore in absent PC – Dr. Elankumaran * Pearls in Pediatric Cataract Management – Dr. Arun Samprath * “Hard Times” in Cataract Surgery – Dr. Ravikrishna Kanaradi * Cataract Surgery in poor Endothelium – Dr. Namrata Sharma * Challenging Scenarios in refractive surgery – Dr. Ambarish Darak * PDR Surgery – Dr. Dharmesh Kar
12.45 PmOculoplasty 3D Live Surgery – Dr. Santosh Honavar
01.30 pmLunch
02.15 pmRapid Fire Video SessionII (Each video of 2 minutes duration)
Chair PersonsDr. Ravi Nadgir, Dr. Anil Shah, Dr. Ambarish Darak,
ModeratorsDr. Sanjay Rasal, Dr. Chandrashekar Kamat
Keynote Address“Do it Yourself” Snare for MSICS – Dr. Anil Shah (Speakers: Dr. Arun Samprathi, Dr. Elankumaran, Dr. H. M. Ravindranath, Dr. Sanjay Rasal, Dr. Ravi Krishna Kanaradi, Dr. Chaitra Jayadev, Dr Ambarish Darak, Dr. Shilpa Kodkany)
03.15 pm3D Surgical Panaroma Part II (3D Surgeries encompassing all the surgical procedures in ophthalmology)
Chair PersonsDr. Darshan Laad, Dr. Manjunath B A
ModeratorsDr. Virupaksha Gujjala Dr. Satish Shet
04.15 pmPanel Discussion on Crisis Management in Cataract Surgery
ModeratorsDr. Shrinivas M. Joshi
Panelists:Dr. Shobhit Chawla, Dr. Rohit Shetty, Dr. A. S. Guruprasad, Dr. Sanjay Rasal, Dr. Anil Shah, Dr. Elankumarn, Dr. H. M. Ravindranath, Dr. Ambarish Darak
05.00 pmValedictory & Farewell