M. M. Joshi Eye Institute, Koppal – Doctors Team

We have best and experienced Eye Surgeons who are always trust in best service and patient care.

Koppal Branch:


Dr. R. KrishnaPrasad

Dr. R. Krishnaprasad

Senior Consultant Glaucoma, Squint & Oculoplasty Services

Dr. Shrinivas Joshi

Dr. Shrinivas Joshi

FIPS, Trained at University of Toronto, North America

Dr. Guruprasad S. Ayachit

Dr. A. S. Guruprasad

Chief. Dept. of Vitreo Retinal Services

Dr. K. V. Satyamurthy

Dr. K. V. Satyamurthy

Senior Consultant, Cornea & Refractive Surgery Services

Dr. Deepti Joshi

Dr. Deepti Joshi

Pediatric Ophthalmology & Squint Specialist

Dr. Aniket N Shastri

Dr Aniket N Shastri

Cornea, Phaco & Refractive Surgery

Dr. Shilpa Maled

Dr Shilpa Maled

Cornea Specialist

Dr. Sanjay Pachapure

Dr. Sanjay Pachapure

Glaucoma Consultant

Dr. Vinay S Sultanpur

Dr Vinay S Sultanpur

Anterior segment

Dr. Priyanka Rane

Dr Priyanka Rane

Glaucoma and Anterior Segment

Dr. Anjana Kuri

Dr. Anjana Kuri

Anterior Segment

Dr. Suresh Babu N

Dr Suresh Babu N

FVRS Consultant Vitreo-Retina Specialist