Let your child see clearly- “The spectacular world of spectacles”.

“Refractive errors” are a major cause of treatable blindness. They are more relevant in the current era, where children are exposed to excessive screen time, academics, smartboard and online classes at a very young age.

Though there are many children already wearing glasses, the harsh reality is that even more children actually should be wearing them. Why then the disparity? — That’s because many children don’t even know they have a vision problem. Maybe they’ve gone months without glasses and haven’t noticed the gradual change in their vision. Or maybe it is upsetting for a few parents to find out that their child needs glasses thereby trying to neglect the same!


  What happens if your child doesn’t wear glasses?

  1. The child may develop lazy eyes or amblyopia in untreated refractive errors. Over a period of time amblyopia can progress to permanently damaged sight which cannot be corrected adequately when the child grows.
  2. Exacerbation of existing squint or new-onset squint.
  3. Academically poor performance due to constant poor vision and headache.

What are a few myths about glasses and vision?

  1. Eating lots of carrots can be a substitute for wearing glasses- NO! They do contain antioxidants which are good for eyes and body but they don’t help in getting rid of glasses!
  2. Wearing glasses regularly will worsen eyesight- NO! It just makes your vision better and prevents complications.
  3. Doing eye exercise will help you get rid of glasses- NO! It is not scientifically proven yet.
  4. Refractive error is a disease– No! It is just peculiarity in the growth of your eye. Some eyes are longer resulting in nearsightedness and some shorter causing farsightedness. It is similar to some children being taller and some shorter.

So parents don’t panic! it is just glasses. It makes your child see better and shapes their academics and future.

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